StrongU Miner STU-U8
Shipping:Pre-sale(At least 25 sets)
Weight: 8.2kg
Price: $1451
Rated Hashrate:46T±8%
Cooling Method:2×12038
Working humidity:0℃-40℃
Internet Connection:Ethernet
Warranty Period:6
Input Voltage:AC 220-240V,50/60Hz
Rated Power:2200W
Power Efficiency:93%
Buying Explanation

1.This product contains power supply, which has been debugged and ready to run before leaving the factory.

2.Shipping:Pre-sale(At least 25 sets)

3.This product supports SF (default air transport), Debon logistics, Debon Express, Shunda air distribution, freight to pay, please consult the logistics service provider for the specific cost

Payment Instructions

Account name:Shenzhen StrongU Technology Co., Ltd

Account ID:337111400100035322

Bank name:Industrial Bank Co. Ltd.SHENZHEN BRANCH

1. After payment, please login to the PC official website (, select the top menu bar "Account Center", click "Upload payment certificate", fill in the payer's name and payment amount and other information.

2. According to the current tax regulations of China, the payer (individual or company) of the order must be consistent with the contract purchaser and the invoice; if the payer, the contract buyer, the invoice is inconsistent, or an order contains multiple payers (individual or company) When the payment amount of each payer is not an integer amount, the contract and invoice for the order cannot be provided.

3.If you need to view the contract template, you can view it in the mall service contract invoice menu bar. If you have any questions, please contact customer service consultation before sales.

After Sales Instructions

The following conditions will invalidate the warranty:

1.The mining machine itself was dismantled, and the components were changed and replaced.

2.Lightning strikes, voltage surges, poor quality power supplies, etc.

3.Water, circuit boards and components are damaged by moisture and corrosion.

4.The board has burnt marks or the chip is burnt.


6.Private use of the major mining machine manufacturers batch monitoring tools, silencers, IP search tools, resulting in machine damage or scrap will not accept warranty replacement.

StrongU Miner STU-U8
Shipping:Pre-sale(At least 25 sets)
Price: $ 1451